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I first heard this song in the Sony commercial with all of the bouncy balls. When I finally heard the original, it took me a while to remember where I had heard the song before, and when I did I assumed that the original was the cover! The original has some really great sounds, and this is a really close one for me.

- brian, nyc, United States, 03.02.2006

Jose Gonzalez


The Knife

CD-Cover: Jose Gonzalez - Veneer 45.6 % 54.4 % CD-Cover: The Knife - Deep Cuts
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Jose Gonzalez 4283 Votes The Knife

Comments about Heartbeats:

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the original everytime for me even after hearing it after the jose version
- Daniel, Sheffield, England, 10.10.2006
Though jose's version is really nice and everything, the knife should get the praise, as they are the ones who actually made the song up.innit
- Bill, Bradford, England, 02.09.2006
Jose Gonzalez puts so much emotion in his voice..its just so sounds to me like how the song should be. The original song is good still, but I really think the cover is just done simply incredibly.
- Elise, omaha, United States, 04.08.2006
Fair enough Jose didn't heartbeats but he did one fine job of it! May I add that the guitar effort he's put in there is not only quite technical but also replicates the original track well! I'd definately go for his version of the song - with respect that he is not the original artist =)
- Al Dubley, Manchester, England, 26.06.2006
jose's version of this is the best eva!!!!!! its just so nice and tops the techno version neday in my oppinion
- Bobby McBobbob, Brisbane, Australia, 17.06.2006
oh man, to be honest ive only just heard the original, and ive got to say its absolutley awsome. But I reckon jose's version just tops it due to its tenderness and his incredible voice.
- tom, flookburgh, England, 10.06.2006
jose gonzalez has completely ripped this song in a very lazy way.
- Jake, London, England, 15.05.2006
If you ask me, they are both brilliant versions of the song. I'd have to say I prefer the Knife's version better. If only because of the excellent Rex the Dog remix.
- SugaMouth, Leeds, England, 09.05.2006
The knife song is killer and much more emotional than the second rate copy , the knife is old and cool like my mum (but its is good still) _JIm
- James V, London, England, 08.05.2006
Definitely did not know it was a cover when I heard it on the commercial! I'm so glad Jose did a cover of it, it sounds like it was meant to be soft and sensitive, not electronic.
- elyse, orangeburg, NY, United States, 08.05.2006
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