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Smells Like Teen Spirit

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" is a great song by Nirvana. It was covered by Tori Amos a year later with in my opinion great success.

- TomGaines, Landshut, Germany, 22.09.2005

Tori Amos



CD-Cover: Tori Amos - Crucify [EP] 36.6 % 63.4 % CD-Cover: Nirvana - Nevermind
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Comments about Smells Like Teen Spirit:

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Kyle - I hope you haven't forgotten Nirvana's first single was a cover version! ;-)
- Goatboy, Scarborough, England, 26.01.2007
it's great but i'm looking for its lyrics!!!

- marios, athens, Greece, 29.12.2006
There is no contest. Nirvana's version is better. It's Original. I'm tired of cover "artists". If you can't write it yourself, don't record it, don't put it on your album, don't release it as a single.
- Kyle, Franklin Grove, United States, 27.12.2006
Hi! Tori here. My version was best. Nirvana were so shit Kurt Cobain killed himself. Silly man. Good ridence to bad rubbish!!! That was clever ;-)
- Tori Amos, Newton, North Carolina, United States, 19.12.2006
what makes Tori's version so great is that Nirvana's version is engrained in your mind, you expect the drums, the explosion, the relief, the outcry, but it does not come, she just sings slowly on, which gives the song this haunting tension and its beauty. Tori's version is honouring the original and adding something to it. True art.

- Gio, Washington DC, United States, 24.10.2005

The above is the absolute best description possible good job Gio!
- Chriss, Austin, United States, 04.12.2006
I never thought anyone could make a better version than Nirvana, but if I heard Tori Amos' version first I think I might just like it better
- Freja Salente, Odense, Denmark, 09.11.2006
Right, il set one thing out before i comment.... Nirvana are my FAVOURITE band ever, and, even though im a bit sick of Teen Spirit (its everywhere still 15 years after its release!!!) i voted for nirvanas BUT the criticism of Tori's attempt is a bit unfair... i mean the main catchpoint of Nirvana is the melody, and melodies work best with pianos, so all in all, good job tori! and those who just say its rubbish without valid criticism..."you suck!"
- Jamie, Lancaster, England, 06.11.2006
This song can not be covered, imo! Tori did her best, and it is a nice try and I kinda appreciate that she made it so differently. I hate those Nirvana covers where singers try to imitate Kurt Cobain. My vote goes to Nirvana, always.
- Maria, Espoo, Finland, 06.10.2006
Oh man, save me from Tori bloody Amos.
- Shayne, Melbourne, Australia, 05.09.2006
I like both songs a lot. Let me explain it,
Nirvana's song rocks in an alternative rock kind of way. But as a pianist myself, I can tell you alternative rock is not the only type of music out there. Tori Amos covered this song as an alternative classical music style, which rocks tremendously. I can't vote here, these two are very different styles and I love them both. Bottom line is, unless you can appreciate Mozart, it will be very hard for you to appreciate what Tori did here, and for those who get it, this cover is heaven.
- JA, Chicago, United States, 25.08.2006
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