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Smells Like Teen Spirit

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" is a great song by Nirvana. It was covered by Tori Amos a year later with in my opinion great success.

- TomGaines, Landshut, Germany, 22.09.2005

Tori Amos



CD-Cover: Tori Amos - Crucify [EP] 36.6 % 63.4 % CD-Cover: Nirvana - Nevermind
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Tori Amos 7357 Votes Nirvana

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Tori Amos
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Comments about Smells Like Teen Spirit:

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you guys are the most fucking ignorant assholes I've ever seen. All of u can go to hell! I thought her version was GREAT as is Nirvana's...just because you don't like the cover, doesn't mean you have to create death threats to this woman, who happens to be AMAZING. It's not HER fault you still live in ur mom's basements!
- Pedro, West Palm Beach, United States, 13.05.2006
Someone said that comparing these two is like apples to oranges, I believe it's like shotguns to squirrels.
- Justin, Forksville, United States, 29.04.2006
Sorry for the double post but i just listened to the samples of the rest of the songs on the Tori Amos EP and SHE FRIGGING SUCKS!!!!!!!! Her version of Angie and Thank You made me want to kill myself (not before killing her of course, i mean, like, der)
- Robert, Melbourne, Australia, 16.04.2006
Kurt Cobain: Voice of a generation
Tori Amos: Sellout Bitch
- Robert, Melbourne, Australia, 16.04.2006
Few things are as iconic as Kurt is in this, a true song of it's generation. It takes a MAJOR ego with a mediocre talent to cover it. Tori, keep it in your journal from now on for god's sake.
- Jim, Culver City, CA, United States, 10.04.2006
Best cover I ever heard, even better than orginal nirvana`s version. Great song. Regards from Poland!
- Wojtek, Gdańsk, Poland, 07.04.2006
I love the song in general, and both versions of it simply prove to show a different aspect of the lyrics. While the Nirvana version portrays the intensity of emotions described in the lyrics, Tori's portrays the sorrow. I enjoy both versions, and it is very hard to complare them since, as with all Tori covers, she almost sings it as a different song. I do, however, find this to be a worthy tribute of an already great piece. Kurt Cobain gave it life. Tori Amos gave it rebirth.

The only thing that upsets me is the juvenile reaction of many of the people who commented before me. Calling people who liked the Tori version "dumb fucks", "complete and utter morons" and the like and bashing the cover artist because you think she "ruined the song" is just immature. Just get over the fact that people may have divergent opinions and go on with life.
- Morgan, Corpus Christi, United States, 27.03.2006
How can any body redo a song that is based on a high intensity song, by Nirvana (God) and slow it down and not have a hardcore guitar riffs. Who is Tori Amos anyway? what is she besides a niusance to AMEREICA.
- Steve, Watertown, United States, 23.03.2006
wtf??? how can you compare nirvana to a gumb seelout bitch and let her win??? whoever made this pole or voted for that bitch is a dumb fuck.... nobody can copy nirvana or kurts voice
- john, new york, United States, 25.02.2006
Hm.. Tori's not bad at it, but i think, original is better.. But tori's cover is nearly the best and the most interesting cover, imho)..
- Trent, Moscow City, Other, 24.02.2006
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