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Smells Like Teen Spirit

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" is a great song by Nirvana. It was covered by Tori Amos a year later with in my opinion great success.

- TomGaines, Landshut, Germany, 22.09.2005

Tori Amos



CD-Cover: Tori Amos - Crucify [EP] 36.6 % 63.4 % CD-Cover: Nirvana - Nevermind
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Comments about Smells Like Teen Spirit:

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what makes Tori's version so great is that Nirvana's version is engrained in your mind, you expect the drums, the explosion, the relief, the outcry, but it does not come, she just sings slowly on, which gives the song this haunting tension and its beauty. Tori's version is honouring the original and adding something to it. True art.
- Gio, Washington DC, United States, 24.10.2005
THis is a great song hands down, but truthfully, I couldn't understand all of what Kirt was saying. it was not until I hear Tori's cover that I was able to really hear the songs and enjoy the depth of it. I think that Smells Like Teen Spirt is a great songs because it can with stand being stipped down to only piano and voice and it's still and incredibly powerful song.
- Devon, San Diego, England, 24.10.2005
Oh my god, are you guys all from While I love both Nirvana and Tori, there's no freakin way in hell that Tori's version is better than the original. You hear the emotion of the song from the writer himself, tori just torified it.
- meadow, new york, United States, 24.10.2005
without a doubt, tori amos rocks! i mean, the nirvana cover was instantly "wow" with it's fresh, anthematic (word?) quality, but the lyrics and the music seemed fairly uneasy and didn't quite go together, howevere, the much more melodic and sombre version by Amos captures the sinceruty of the lyrics. rock on tori!
- Martyn, Manchester, England, 24.10.2005
Tori's version shows you not only the content of the song but the effect it had on the people of the time.
- Suzanne, Los Gatos, United States, 23.10.2005
Considering Tori's version of this song is the video on my personal website, I think I go Tori. Although I loved Nirvana in the 90's, Tori's version seems as if she saw the original and thought she could add something to that, something deeper, something with more flow and energy. It's true that both artists helped shape the face of today's music, but Kurt's version is much more apathetic and Tori's much more emotion filled.
- Rachel (T), California, United States, 23.10.2005
As much as I LOVE Tori Amos and I do LOVE her version , there is no changing that wonderful rush you get when you hear the guitars play in beginning of Nirvana's Smell's Like Teen Spirit. It will always remind me of that quirky time being a teen in the early 90's. I still really do miss Nirvana after all these years.
- Tammy, Northridge, United States, 23.10.2005
I really don't know how one can compare the two. A piece of my heart is with both versions. Nirvana was so strong, fresh, and alive when "Teen Spirit" was unloaded on us. It was awesome! Nothing could compare to the feeling it unleashed inside of every young person. I love that song. I am also a die-hard Tori fan, so I love her cover. Someone said it's haunting. It is. I think I prefer the original, though.
- Carrie, Monroe, LA, United States, 22.10.2005
Both songs are fantastic. Both appeal to different audiences. I can appreciate Kurt Cobain's rather angry tone as it really fits "teen spirit," but change the music, and the song becomes haunting. It's like a grown-up's chance to view the souls of teens. For that insight, I love Tori. It was VERY HARD to choose which song is best. It's most likely a tie. Kurt gets HUGE props for writing the damn thing, but Tori's version makes me shudder.
- Jennifer Mitts, Saint Simons Island, United States, 22.10.2005
While both versions of the songs are very good, I do believe that Tori's version is a bit better. She puts so much emotion into her music, and this song is no different. I have never heard anyone cover music the way she can. She is truly amazing.
- Matth, Pennsylvania, United States, 22.10.2005
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