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Smells Like Teen Spirit

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" is a great song by Nirvana. It was covered by Tori Amos a year later with in my opinion great success.

- TomGaines, Landshut, Germany, 22.09.2005

Tori Amos



CD-Cover: Tori Amos - Crucify [EP] 36.6 % 63.4 % CD-Cover: Nirvana - Nevermind
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Comments about Smells Like Teen Spirit:

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Nirvana brings unique rhythmic chugs into the song, making it its own. REALLY WELL BETTER VERSIONS
- Garnet Picard Ham, derrrrr, Czech Republic, 13.10.2010
Tori's version is very, VERY different from the original - it's much less a cover than a completely different song and she focuses on the melody.

Those who you who praise Kurt's genius while considering Tori lame should be reminded that Kurt himself liked her version and claimed to listen to it repeatedly.
Tori was a fan of Kurt, praised his genius and lamented his suicide. And, while this was done early in her solo career, she's become (rightfully) a celebrated performer.
But, I do prefer the original version whereas I thought that some of her other covers ( which came later in her career ) such as "A Case of You" and "Famous Blue Raincoat" really added something special to already really fine songs.
- DarkMan, Montreal, Canada, 14.06.2010
tori amos blew it.........the song is abt the grunge..wich only kurts voice and riffs can bring ....not the freaking orgasmic noises by tori
- vivek, chandigarh, India, 20.04.2010
I like Nirvana's much better -- but I listen to Tori Amos so I know what the h*ll they are saying!
- Steve, Atlanta, United States, 11.03.2010
You people hating on the opposing side seem to be missing something. Tori Amos was moved by Nirvana, thus the song. She has stated numerous times what a great ARTIST Kurt Cobain was so all of you Tori fanatics ought not hate on the origional version, you sound stupid. What does it say about you or Tori if she is moved and inspired by crappy music? On the other hand Nirvana fans you sound just as stupid if not more so when you hate on Tori's version in an attempt to praise Nirvana. Kurt Cobain LOVED Tori's cover! He played it each morning while he ate breakfast. He danced with Courtney Love to it. He even played it when preparing to go on stage while on tour. On the other hand he said he was too imbarassed by his version and its popularity to play it during shows. So please relize when you insult the music that inspires your favorite artist by calling it stupid you are in fact calling your favorite artist stupid also.
- Angela, Santa Barbara, United States, 05.03.2010
Ok, Nirvana sucks cock! ONLY POSERS like them. Real music =Tori Amos,NIN,TOOL! NOT NIRVANA. THEY WERE THE FIRST CONCEPTION OF EMO
- Marie, Dickville, United States, 30.11.2009
I can't believe tori amos actually got 40% of the votes I mean WOW! How can you even compare that crappy cover with the masterpiece made by nirvana?
Tori amos a classic? she is just a big plain looser, nirvana did more for the music industry in 4 years than her in 10 years.. nirvana was a revolution.
- Pablo, Moreno, Other - South America, 25.10.2009
Tori Amos has a career spanning nearly twenty years and ten albums. Nirvana imploded because their star had a drug problem and blew his brains out. Had Cobain lived, he still couldn't outlast Tori. And how can anyone call the piano "sissy" music when the greatest compositions in history were written on piano? Can you really say that Nirvana was better than Chopin or Mozart, when they have symphonies based around the piano, and any 12 year old with basic guitar skills can play Nirvana? Nirvana was great, FOR THEIR TIME. Tori is classic. She can even make a Bon Jovi song sound amazing.
- Amanda, San Francisco, United States, 03.07.2009
Listening to Tori Amos sing this song is like suffering through Chinese water torture. I could listen to the Nirvana version had they played it with toy instruments and it would STILL be a better listen than Tori's. She's soulless and utterly pretentious. Yuk!@!@uk uk!!!
- Logee, Bay Shore, United States, 12.06.2009
Hey, Tori's cover is great, and it's way different, but Nirvana still wins overall.
- Ethan, Stillwater, United States, 09.06.2009
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