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My Generation

What the Hell was Hillary Duff Thinking?!!! The very title "My Generation" implies that the singer is the voice of a generation or speaking on behalf of a generation. She CLEARLY is not, as any of her stoopid ass 3 year old fans will wise up and grow out of her within the time it takes to find out what real moosic is. The Who, On the other hand were among other things legitimate and for this at least i'll give it to them easily Ps: This is probably the worst cover version of a song ever

- Robert, Melbourne, Australia, 19.04.2007

Hilary Duff


The Who

CD-Cover: Hilary Duff - Hilary Duff 33.3 % 66.7 % CD-Cover: The Who - The Who Sings My Generation
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oh my people who think that hilary duff does a better music than the who are very stupid.
sorry for my english
- Laura, Porvoo, Finland, 07.07.2008
"i hope i don't die before i get old" , listen to Hillary Version and ... whats wrong with - Andreea! Limp Biskit (Also hate his cover of Behind blue eyes) had more vision , hillary , o my god !
"i hope i die before listen this cover again". Andreea and others they like hillary , You need help!!!!.
- -ThE-WaLL-, La Paz, Other - South America, 03.07.2008
Hillary and her manager are both stupid for not understanding aout a song they are singing. When that song was written and played in the 60s and 70s it was abouth youth verus the "Man." The man meant being the old guy you could not trust. That is why the Whos said "I hope i die before i get old." But Hillary and her stupid manager changed it to i hope i dont die before i get old. This destoryed the hope meaning of the song.
- Sean MacDonald, Seattle, United States, 28.06.2008
I love Hillary very much so i votrd with her, i listened in past The Who but I hate them, they sinh very bad.
- Bibby, Pitesti, Romania, 27.06.2008
all of you need to grow up and realize how much better the who are than hillary. the factyou refer to the who as 'bad singers' as if all of them are fucking singing shows your ignorance and stupidity. please refrain from talking until you've come to grips with reality
- nowhereman, nowhereland, United States, 07.06.2008
I love Hillary and there are loads of people who don`t like The Who because they sing very bad and they don`t compare with Hillary!They are are old fashionated hillary is stylish and sings way better!
- Andreea, Galway, Ireland, 19.05.2008
Holy crap I can't believe people are actually voting for Hilary's ear raping version. The Who are 1000000000000000000000000000x better.
- William, Wellington, New Zealand, 07.05.2008
- SIGRID, MOSS, Norway, 12.04.2008
omg I'm 15 years old but i don't even have to think when I vote between the stupid of hilary duff and the great who, obviously the who is way better it's rock n roll, and hilary is just a poser... anyway don't let that bitch beat 'em !!!!
- rocknrollgirl86, mexico, Mexico, 04.12.2007
I gotta say, after I had my lobotomy, the Hillary version sounds great!
- Jimmy, Memphis, United States, 27.11.2007
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