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My Generation

What the Hell was Hillary Duff Thinking?!!! The very title "My Generation" implies that the singer is the voice of a generation or speaking on behalf of a generation. She CLEARLY is not, as any of her stoopid ass 3 year old fans will wise up and grow out of her within the time it takes to find out what real moosic is. The Who, On the other hand were among other things legitimate and for this at least i'll give it to them easily Ps: This is probably the worst cover version of a song ever

- Robert, Melbourne, Australia, 19.04.2007

Hilary Duff


The Who

CD-Cover: Hilary Duff - Hilary Duff 33.3 % 66.7 % CD-Cover: The Who - The Who Sings My Generation
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i'm confused. is this for real? i mean, you can't be serious. i'm gonna have to go eat a handful of vicodin and think about this for a while.
- benjammin, florida, United States, 15.05.2007
You gotta be kidding me........go join the freekin mickey mouse club or something and leave 'the who' for the adults.
- B Boy, SF CA, United States, 14.05.2007
Who does not speak for my generation!!!
- Thomas, Manchester, England, 02.05.2007
The Who take it up the ass.
- Gil Grissom, Las Vegas, United States, 28.04.2007
This is the Hilary who should be the next President. DUFF/OBAMA 2008!
- DJ, El Paso, United States, 28.04.2007
Three letters: "C" "S" "I". In its own words, The Who truly "Sell Out". And in the words of the great Gary Radnich, "NOBODY CARES!!!" Hilary Duff makes no apologies and has no false pretenses.
- B. Ward, San Francisco, United States, 28.04.2007
Hands down the worst Who cover out there (and that's saying something, because she beat out the Limp Bizkit's Behind Blue Eyes). The worst part is that she makes it sound like Mickey Mouse pulled it out of his ass and put it on an album. Any votes for Hillary must've been a mistake.
- Eddie, Paris, France, 20.04.2007
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