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My Generation

What the Hell was Hillary Duff Thinking?!!! The very title "My Generation" implies that the singer is the voice of a generation or speaking on behalf of a generation. She CLEARLY is not, as any of her stoopid ass 3 year old fans will wise up and grow out of her within the time it takes to find out what real moosic is. The Who, On the other hand were among other things legitimate and for this at least i'll give it to them easily Ps: This is probably the worst cover version of a song ever

- Robert, Melbourne, Australia, 19.04.2007

Hilary Duff


The Who

CD-Cover: Hilary Duff - Hilary Duff 33.3 % 66.7 % CD-Cover: The Who - The Who Sings My Generation
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The fact that this is even a debate is mind-boggling. The cutting-edge, biting original, or the bubblegum, contrived cover? Every time some kid votes for the Hilary Duff version, an angel is bludgeoned to death with a bell hammer.
- L'Angelo Misterioso, Camelot, United States, 06.01.2011
Everytome some 10 year old girl votes for the horrible hillary duff version over the who, keith moon rolls in his grave! VOTE WHO!!
- Tanner, tennessee, United States, 07.03.2010
I think the only reason she has 40% of the votes is because the kids see her face and automatically click her, not even realizing what or who the other one is, and what this is about lol.

there should be no contest between the two.

Hilary - 0
The WHO - 100
- charlie, kernersville, United States, 11.07.2009
How in the world does that girl's version have 40% of the vote????? Truthfully, I think I just died a little inside. The Who forever.
- Mike, Ft. Myers, United States, 09.06.2009
Hey slut, dont change the fucking words to one of the best songs in the fucking world. Who ever likes this sing should go to musical hell, and suck Zakk Wyldes (who is Satan) dick.
The Who right now is musical heaven ready to kick anyone in the balls who think they can worship or even listen to Hillary Duff. By the way The Who are in musical heaven with Led Zepplin (the dead members), Randy Rhoads, John Lennon, Freddy Mercury, and Dimebag Darel. (Sorry for any spelling mistakes) (also sorry for any missed musicians that should be in musical heaven) The music of today has gone the the shits.
- Randy Rhoads, Toronto, Canada, 23.03.2009
- Blake Benson, Little Ropesville, United States, 12.03.2009
Holy mother of God. I just listen to Duff's version on YouTube.

The bitch actually sings "I hope I DON'T die before I get old."

D: D: D:
- The Monkey, Göteborg, Sweden, 14.01.2009
The Who is rather good, but the version I like most is from The Zimmers, a lot of really old people (around 80-90 years old) who have fun in their own way...
Look at this:
- Sonja, Vienna, Austria, 03.01.2009
I'm 14 and this is what rock has come. Some people actually consider Hillary Duff to be better than The Who. This is why classic rock will always be the best music ever. no pop teen shit. The Who are pretty much the best rockers ever and no one will ever duplicate their amazing sound
- Nick, New York, United States, 20.12.2008
If you think HILLARY DUFF is more talented or sounds better than The Who, you have absolutely no taste in music. What is the world coming to?
- David, Birmingham, United States, 25.08.2008
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