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My Generation

What the Hell was Hillary Duff Thinking?!!! The very title "My Generation" implies that the singer is the voice of a generation or speaking on behalf of a generation. She CLEARLY is not, as any of her stoopid ass 3 year old fans will wise up and grow out of her within the time it takes to find out what real moosic is. The Who, On the other hand were among other things legitimate and for this at least i'll give it to them easily Ps: This is probably the worst cover version of a song ever

- Robert, Melbourne, Australia, 19.04.2007

Hilary Duff


The Who

CD-Cover: Hilary Duff - Hilary Duff 33.3 % 66.7 % CD-Cover: The Who - The Who Sings My Generation
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hahaha people voted for that ugly slapper.
- DeFex, Toronto, Canada, 11.09.2007
hahaha people voted for that ugly slapper.
- DeFex, Toronto, Canada, 11.09.2007
Oh my God! You can't love music and vote for Barbie! Seriously The Who are a great rock group. Hilary Duff and her cover can't fight the who... The poor girl is just pathetic...I can't believe she's almost winning the conquest...Please, please, please , you, no matter who you are, listen the who's song...Don't do that to Keith Moon's memory!
- Midori, Amiens, France, 08.09.2007
number 11 in rolling stone best 500 vs.ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...
come on be serious...luckily now the who are winning...
please don't let your 10 years old children vote
- Marco, BI, Italy, 25.08.2007
how the hell did hillary dufff's version of this song get so many votes you bunch of loser munters!!! the who were also a couple of weird little shit eaters who had a one hit wonder i hate them both but the who's version is much better.

ps. look up munters its a great word
- hunter, sydney, Australia, 20.08.2007
Okay, which thirteen year old Hilary Duff fan is telling all her friends to vote for her? Because this has to be some kind of joke. I don't even know what to say. I mean, it's not that I hate Hilary Duff. I don't. She's okay if you want pop. But My Generation is an amazing song by one of the greatest bands ever. Her version can't even compare
- Connie, San Jose, United States, 06.06.2007
Is this a joke? Hilary whats-her-knickers is a sellout loser. I think I have to stop thinking about this for a while because i'm pretty sure that i'm about to vomit. Anyone who didn't vote for THE WHO are sellout losers too.
- Rosie, Wellington, New Zealand, 04.06.2007
Hope I DON'T die before I get old? Come on
- Madly Sad, Pleasant, United States, 04.06.2007
This is some kind of sick joke right? How the fuck did hilary duff beat The Who 71 to 29??????????? this is wthout question the single worst cover of the Who that i have ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON?
- nat, brisbane, Australia, 17.05.2007
This is ridiculous.
- Anthony, San Diego, United States, 15.05.2007
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