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One of the best cover versions i know

- ScottyTM, Bonn, Deutschland, 30.10.2005

Johnny Cash


Nine Inch Nails

CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around 62.8 % 37.2 % CD-Cover: Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
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Johnny Cash 10038 Votes Nine Inch Nails

Comments about Hurt:

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"Silv" has a pretty good point. I've been in and out of bands for many years now, and I've put my own spin on all the songs we've ever covered, but it's still someone else's. What we did was try to spin the song into sounding like our original music sounding like. We had many compliments, and many people asking us how we came up with those original songs, even though they were cover songs. We even did a cover of a cover. There's a band called (Was) Infectious Grooves and they covered the Immigrant Song by Led Zepplin. That cover was Badass! Both bands I love, but would NEVER go as far to say, no matter how great it was, that the cover of the song was better than the original. Funny thing is, again we had people telling us how great that original song was (but it wasn't ours), AND people telling us we did it better than Zepplin when we were covering the cover. People just don't know. If you prefer the cover to the original, there's nothing wrong with that, but don't be as foolish as to say someone made it personal or made it great, etc... Just say you prefer it, and that's all. Without the original, the cover that you like, done by the band you prefer, doesn't exist.
- Shelly, MySpace, United States, 24.08.2006
OK, personally, I don't know ANY crappy country music fans that like, listen to, or even know who Nine Inch Nails are, or should I say who NIN IS... A country music fan, couldn't possibly appreciate this song for what it's worth. Many of you are saying the song Hurt, as sung by JC is the best, or greatest ever. HE'S COVERING SOMEONE ELSE'S SONG! Any person that can say JC's version is better, is nothing but an American Idol watching idiot, that also believes the children singing on that show have talent! THEY'RE SINGING OTHER PEOPLE'S SONGS! "NIN gets props for writing it but JC made it personal..."???! How about I show up at your house, steal your wife and car... Props for the nice ride and sweet wife, but would I be better for making them personal to me?? Ridiculous....
- silv, philadelphia, United States, 23.08.2006
The Cash version breaks me down everytime I listen to it. This song is like kryptonite to me, it is just so raw emotionally and deep intellectually that I have no defense from the sadness. I've played both NIN and JC songs in bands over the years and I don't really have a preference for either, they are both great. However, Hurt by JC is a highwater mark is in my opinion the greatest song of all time. The recording was a perfect confluence of existential writing TR and an honest and fearless rendition by the courageous and naked JC. It will never happen again - props to Rick Ruben for letting Cash be Cash.
- Tom Dunham, Ann Arbor, United States, 16.08.2006
It sounds colder and more true when it's stripped down to one intrument (sound) and a voice telling ti as it is...NIN gets props for writing it but JC made it personal and a classic, that it would not have been otherwise..
- Sean, Everywhere, United States, 08.08.2006
One of my favorite songs in both versions. Maybe I prefer Cash's. Although I heard NIN's first.
- Lou, Zagreb, Croatia, 15.06.2006
Johnny Cash's version was good, and i like the emotion he puts into it. But i think the reason that the poll shows Johnny Cash higher than NIN is because i believe more people listen to country than industrial rock. But if you listen to Reznor and NIN's version, you hear the coldness and the pain in the song. And when you see them perform it live, it accentuates that fact tenfold. Reznor pours out his pain and sadness. I like Cash's version, but being an avid fan of NIN, i have to put NIN ahead of Cash's in a landslide.
- Caleb, Grace, United States, 31.05.2006
NIN had a good song with Hurt, but Cash made it great. Perhaps it was just the timing, what with him losing his wife and his death shortly after, but he made this song timeless. Cash's version of Hurt was an instant classic and will continue to move generation's for years to come.
- Marie, OKC, United States, 22.05.2006
This is such a difficult one to call because each of them brings so much to the song. There is a real depth of passion to both versions, although because it coincided with the end of Cash's life, most people associate it with him (certainly they do in the UK). But I love the unnatural note in the NIN version, hits me every time. Cash is brilliant, but the off kilter riff with NIN wins it for me.
- Michael, Oxford, England, 08.05.2006
Since i heard this song its one of my favourites. I'm a NIN fan but the way Cash brings this song... its amazing. He makes a great song even better. Brings tears to my eyes.....
- Tom, Ghent, Belgium, 25.04.2006
i never really got into the NIN version. i really like cash's version, its really moving, and the videio is incredible! he made a good song an incredible song!
- CornW, over there, United States, 10.04.2006
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