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One of the best cover versions i know

- ScottyTM, Bonn, Deutschland, 30.10.2005

Johnny Cash


Nine Inch Nails

CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around 62.8 % 37.2 % CD-Cover: Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
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Comments about Hurt:

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the nin version sounds so much colder, and trent reznor can express the real value of the song, because he wrote it, cashes version takes new meaning, but its not the true song.
- dennis, gove, United States, 27.03.2006
Trent Raznor was so moved by Cash's video he now refers it as Johnny Cash's song.
- VB, Arlington, United States, 26.03.2006
The Downward Spiral had several hits. Closer, March of the Pigs, and Heresy have been played on the radio here--and both Closer and March of the Pigs are STILL played.

By contrast, I've never heard the Cash version on the radio.

I guess that that kind of observation is *probably* regional.

My vote goes for Cash because he took the song, made it his own, and I don't think his style will ever sound terribly dated. When I listen to the NIN version now, I can tell about when it came out because of the style of the music. When I listen to the Cash version, however, I think it's really pretty timeless.
- Heather, Minnesota, United States, 22.03.2006
Gotta say I like the NI|/| version better. The Downward Spiral is one of my favorite CDs.

To me it would make sense that more people like Cash's better.
TDS wasn't meant to go mainstream. I think Closer was the only song from that CD that was ever played on the radio. Still is. Cash's was heard by more people, and a good number of those people never heard NI|/|'s.

Usually the first one you hear is the one you like.
- V, Jax, United States, 03.03.2006
Cash's version is pretty good. Shows a heck of a lot of emotion, and the story behind it solidifies it as one of his best releases.

Yet, I find that people underestimate the emotion that is in the NIN version. I find the video (live perf) version is far superior to the album version as I find there is MUCH more emotion from Trent. Check it out for yourselves below...
Check out the videos here:

Cash Version for Hurt

NIN version for Hurt
- Suffocate, Hamilton, Canada, 03.03.2006
I prefer Johnny Cash's version, he brings such an amazing nerve to it. He sounds like an old man pouring his heart out and makes it so sad and beautiful. Incredible
- Sude, Oslo, Norway, 22.02.2006
While Cashs version is wonderful, I'd have to say I enjoy the sound of Trents version much more. I think what it comes down to is personal taste, because neither is better then the other. Cash really nailed his version in his style and its awesome. I just like nins sound more.
- Trent, San Luis, United States, 14.02.2006
i think what he meant, was that when he's listening to music as a pleasure, or entertainment he would prefer johnny cash's version, but that's not uncommon for someone who plays their version all the time, he likes the change.

they're both really good, to me, you cant say one is better, it depends on my mood.
- e, FS, AR, United States, 22.01.2006
The NIN track is much better in contrast to the rest of the album. Listen to The Downward Spiral from start to finish and you will see what i mean.
Although Cash's version is truely incredible too.

Oh and to the guy that said trent doesn't listen to his own version... well i guess you didnt realise that it is played every night on tour.
- [nothing], Sydney, Australia, 09.01.2006
it's not often an artist can cover someone else's song and make it better/more powerful than the original. but, johnny cash succeeeded, as he usually did. even trent reznor (nin) said that he doesn't listen to his versions since the song was covered by cash.
- rt, jonesboro, ar, United States, 03.01.2006
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