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One of the best cover versions i know

- ScottyTM, Bonn, Deutschland, 30.10.2005

Johnny Cash


Nine Inch Nails

CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around 62.8 % 37.2 % CD-Cover: Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
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Comments about Hurt:

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U can't compare a cover to an original. It takes on a diferent meaning for each person who plays the song But It has more meaning to the person who wrote it, so NIN has the best version. Trent your sound is one of a kind, your great! Blessed Be!
- Angela B., Brooklyn, United States, 29.08.2008
Cash sang the song with actual sincerity. The words take on a wholly different sense of gravity when a dying old man sings it compared to a 30 year old at the height of fame and fortune. There is no comparison. Cash owns this song now. Something else for Trent to whine and lament over.
- Kane, Anywhere, United States, 14.08.2008
He monotonously narrates one of the most powerful pieces by the fore-front of the insdustrial music genre and it turns into a pop hit. It's not bad. It's just boring country music that has none of the power or meaning of the original. Mainstream music industry has to love the hell out of it because it's a name like Cash turning a masterpiece into something more widely swallowable and that means sells.
- Mat, Salt Lake, United States, 05.08.2008
"Can you say "Elvis"? Can you say "Beatles"? Okay now, let's all say... "Johnny Cash. Don't compare these guys to Johnny Cash"." - Quote

Ok first of all, "these guys" is wrong, NIN is one guy, Trent Renzor. If you don't know anything about that band, just don't say anything. Second, Cash covered Nine Inch Nails so yeah we can compare the two. Third, it takes a lot more to write a song like this then to find someone else's work and say, "Oh yeah, thats what my life is like." and just make a copy of the song. I love Cash's version, but all he did was take some one else's word.

Nine Inch Nails version is way better, there is just more feeling invoked in the song itself (not just because it goes with Mr. Cash's life) The song is the closing to a great album about a self destructing man who in the end looks back on the decisions he's made. Listen to and read the lyrics to Nine Inch Nails "The Downward Spiral" album and then compare the two

- Mike, Woodbury, Minnesota, United States, 12.05.2008
Damn what a hard choice! Johnny Cash is the man in black, he was one of a kind. Regardless of how much everyone loves him and no one can ever compare, Hurt is just a NIN song. Although Johnny Cash does it very well.
- Stephanie, Arlington, United States, 05.05.2008
Johnny Cash owned this song. I feel that originally it was meant to be his, sad. but still he won this song over the top.

RIP Johnny cash i love you!!!! your music is beautiful
- Nikki, Eau Claire, United States, 25.04.2008
I personally am a fan of both versions. They are both extremely powerful songs, but they have different meanings. Reznor never said it was "no longer his song" since Cash did so well. He simply meant it was more than a cover, and that Cash's version was different than his. Watch the commentary when he makes that comment. Cash took the words and gave it new meaning, as his is a reflection on his life, a vie wof regret, and the realization that after death, its all meaningless. While Reznor's is viewing loss, pain, and worthlessness with his song. I just believe the songs are different, and cannot truly be compared, but I would have to say the NIN version is my favorite. It conveys emotion more than Cash's. In my opinion...
- Alex, Orlando, United States, 17.03.2008
Johnny Cash turns it into his own song, and Trent Reznor admitted that it wasn't his anymore. This was Cash's overall last message to his fans and fellow mankind. It has a deep religious meaning in it if you understand the necessity of pain.
- Shawn, Bessemer, United States, 13.03.2008
I like Reznor, but Cash took this song, digested it, and made it his own. Johnny owns this song
- Shrinertim, Omaha, United States, 09.03.2008
I grew up on Johnny Cash and I love all of the cover music he did at the end. This is a GREAT cover. Better than the original I daresay. It really depends on my mood though cuz nothing says furious like NIN at unreasonable volumes.
- Lemissa, LawrencefuckingKansas, United States, 27.11.2007
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