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One of the best cover versions i know

- ScottyTM, Bonn, Deutschland, 30.10.2005

Johnny Cash


Nine Inch Nails

CD-Cover: Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around 62.8 % 37.2 % CD-Cover: Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
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Comments about Hurt:

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I prefer Johnny Cash's version far better, from both a historical and aesthetic viewpoint.

Both Cash and Reznor were addicted to drugs and alcohol, had depression, and trauma from the death of a loved one but at different times. This song was written during Reznor's suffering and he deserves praise for writing a moving and near-perfect song, but Cash's recording has far more suffering etched into it.

Cash was born in 1932 and worked in the cotton fields as a youth. One of the greatest influences on him was the death of his older brother Jack in 1944. His brother was pulled into the table saw at a high school and was almost cut in half. It took Jack a week to die. Remember that Cash would be 12 at the time.

For pretty much the entire 60s and 70s, Cash was addicted to alcohol, benzedrines, and amphetamines. His drug addiction led to the divorce of his first wife. His second wife helped him face his drug addiction.

In 1983 he was kicked in the stomach by an ostrich on his farm breaking five ribs. He then got addicted to the morphine he was given. It was another three years to get rid of that addiction.

In 1997 he was diagnosed with autonomic neuropathy and diabetes. In 2002 he recorded and released Hurt at the age of 70 and after many years of pain.
- Kirby, Belleville, Canada, 11.12.2006
Amy, for your comments you should be raped , killed, and brought
back for an encore you moron
- Tom, New York, United States, 09.12.2006
Johnny Cash deserves to be brought back to life and then killed again in the more "hurt"ful way. Yes, I *loathe* Mr.Cash with a burning passion of a thousand fires. :)
NIN all the way \m/
- Amy, Saskatoon, Canada, 08.12.2006
OK people the fact is Trent wrote that song when he was at his lowest with drink and drug problems, so the song to Trent is DEEPLY personal. Johnny Cash covered the song because the lyrics reminded him of his Life and similar Problems *Alchohol* Plus after this song was released by Cash his wife shortly died and so did he leaving the song to into over drive and win many awards...for me its Trent Reznor all the way...Even Trent Reznor said "Its a song that isn't mine anymore"
- Liam O'Brien (age19), London, England, 02.12.2006
Fact is. Trent made the song, It is his own work and feelings, No one can take that away from him Their should be no vs.
BUT, i've listened to his version many times. Never once had i cried. Everytime i hear Cash singing that song, I break down. It's as if it were him who made that song. He made it Glorious.
- Autumn, Desplaines, United States, 21.11.2006
The NiN version has more emotion, basically because it meant so much to Trent. He made the words, they cannot be emphasised with as much feeling and heart by somebody else, because the words are from another heart. The original is epic, i lose myself in its glory, by the end i feel sad, yet honoured. Johnny Cash's version is too commercial, the lyrics aren't the emphasis on such a deeper level. Trent Reznor is a lyrical genious and it saddens me to think others don't appreciate that as much...
- Ellios, Birmingham, England, 22.10.2006
To summarize...Without NIN, the song doesn't exist. No Cover to admire and compare. 1 point to NIN. Without JC, no accolades to both musicians on a level that never would have existed weren't it for the cover. 2 points to Cash. Sorry, although credit must be given to the creator, Johnny took it to the bank. I'm sure Trent is not only compelled by the legend singing his song, but also by the haunting images left with it. The video rocks. They both win, game over.
- Joe D., Sacramento, United States, 27.09.2006
Nine Inch what?
- Bulbous, TB, Canada, 08.09.2006
There really is no "better version" seeing NIN live twice performing Hurt was fantastic. but I would think Johny Cash recording this song to be an honor to Trent, both recordings have a little different emotions to me both very beautiful, I say there is no vs.
- grant, Seattle, United States, 07.09.2006
NIN's version is better end of. I'm suree Trent Reznor must of written that song about someone close to him, theres no way someone other than Trant Reznor whom could make it more personal. 100% agree with Silv.
- aCoffeeMachine, London, England, 06.09.2006
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