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Under Pressure / Ice Ice Baby

Because of this blatant rip off of real musicians like Queen and David Bowie, Vanilla Ice will forever be a dead man to me. Anyone votes for Iceman, and your are either crazy, stoned, or just doing it out of spite, hopefully the latter.

- Alex, Miami, United States, 06.01.2006

Vanilla Ice


David Bowie/Queen

CD-Cover: Vanilla Ice - To The Extreme 17.9 % 82.1 % CD-Cover: David Bowie/Queen - Hot Space
Results of the voting: Cover versus Original
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Vanilla Ice 4374 Votes David Bowie/Queen

Comments about Under Pressure / Ice Ice Baby:

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I love both of the songs. They're very creative and beaty. But it's obviouslly David Bowie & Queen who should win this battle.
- Summer B, Whiteville, United States, 31.10.2007
una mierda pinchada de un palo...(Gordon from Atlanta)
I don't get the whole sense but I think it sounds like a shit on a stake......that's what vanilla ice is, just like anyone who says that ice ice stuff is a good song.
especially you, Raymond from Sault Ste Marie.
- Marco, BI, Italy, 25.08.2007
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! This is a joke, right?! Vanilla Ice? No contest.
- Richie, Cork, Ireland, 14.08.2007
He just played in Ohio (6/30/07). He was 3 hours late and was on stage for 43 minutes. The show sucked and so does Vanilla Ice Hole. We went as a goof, and it wasn't even worth doing that. Don't waste your time or money. The next time you are lucky enough to see him, remember to chant:
Ice Ice Hole,
Ice Ice Hole,
He really likes that. I think he also like Ron Jeremy in his Ice Ice Hole, at least that is what it sounded like during the show.
- Vanilla Ice Hole, ohio, United States, 01.07.2007
Vanilla Who? How many known songs has he had compared to Queen? ONE!! and he couldn't even come up with an original base tune for it, but rather rip off another artist's.
I rest my case.
- Vanilla Ice Sucks, Sydney, Australia, 31.05.2007
I say again, Killed the song(Under Pressure)and renamed it(Ice Ice Baby)!
- Bobby Delaney, Norwalk, CA, United States, 22.05.2007
When it comes to the song "Under Pressure", here's the thing! First, there was Queen with David Bowie but then in 1990.... things GOT A LITTLE TENSE! In "Ice Ice Baby", Vanilla Ice killed the song and renamed the song that I was talking about but hey let me tell you "Under Pressure" from 1982: #1 ROCKS! #2 If something tragic happens, sometimes you just gotta play this song because if big breaking news happens right here in Southern California, you better tune in the news because I know this song is gonna gimme the creeps! SO KEEP ON ROCKIN AND ROLLIN!
- Bobby Delaney, Norwalk, California, United States, 22.05.2007
Vanilla ripped off Bowie/Queen and then tried to say he didn't - Ice is nothing but a wann-a-be.
- ms, Connecticut, United States, 21.05.2007
Whoever voted for Vanilla Ice should be hunted down & shot like a dog in the street. As should Vanilla Ice...
- SammyDKat, Los Angeles, United States, 14.03.2007
Ice Ice Baby is not a cover. People shold be voting for Vanilla Ice because the other song by David Bowie/Queen sucks. People who vote for David Bowie/Queen are just stupid.
- Raymond, Sault Ste Marie, Canada, 07.03.2007
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