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Under Pressure / Ice Ice Baby

Because of this blatant rip off of real musicians like Queen and David Bowie, Vanilla Ice will forever be a dead man to me. Anyone votes for Iceman, and your are either crazy, stoned, or just doing it out of spite, hopefully the latter.

- Alex, Miami, United States, 06.01.2006

Vanilla Ice


David Bowie/Queen

CD-Cover: Vanilla Ice - To The Extreme 17.9 % 82.1 % CD-Cover: David Bowie/Queen - Hot Space
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Vanilla Ice 4374 Votes David Bowie/Queen

Comments about Under Pressure / Ice Ice Baby:

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Under Pressure es la mejor canción que e escuchado en mi vida, en cambio vanilla ice es una mierda pinchada de un palo
- Gordon, Atlanta, United States, 24.01.2007
Under Pressure esta en la cima,Vanilla Ice es solo una copia barata.
- Sagat-Ken, Mexico, Mexico, 14.01.2007
Always I listen to the Ice I'm thinking think of F. Mercury, Queen, their songs, music and above all Lyrics. The point is that when one listens to VC one is recollecting the works of Queen, and never vice versa. The reason is not just about time or priority but art and its value. "Under Pressure" is a unique piece of music and VC is just a copy created without any attempt to say something new in music. What can we do about the world of total copying, the contemporary world?
- Mila, Rivne, United States, 04.09.2006
I agree, this is not a cover. Bad site admin, bad.
- JA, Chicago, United States, 25.08.2006
Alright, pay attention. This is not a cover.
- dwai, Chattanooga, United States, 05.08.2006
Musians should not be credited for things they didn't create themselves or by someone they paid to write it. but then again
ice is not a musician, he is a one hit,song stealing, con artist that won't admit he made a mistake
- eric, ohio, United States, 21.07.2006
I agree that "ownership" of ideas is ludicrous. We can only use the ideas around us, combine and recombine them, occasionally into products that are bought+sold but the ideas themselves have no handle.

But there seems like a proper way to do this and an improper way. The confusing part is that when it comes to writing the rules, the wolves are protecting the henhouse. When a label signs a guy like Vanilla, are they carefully considering the issues of originally and attribution, or are they just sniffing the legal air to see if Farmer FCC is around?

They're both great songs, both original in their own way, but I agree Vanilla was a dick not to credit where he got his hook. He could have made it a line in the song! He could have done something.

There was something sinister happening too, because none of the radio stations dared play "Pressure" while "Ice Ice Baby" was on the charts.

F*#% the industry, let's all just make music okay?
- dANTRONIC, WashingtonDC, United States, 11.04.2006
You'd better stop, collaborate and listen to what the Ice man has to say!
- Thijs, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 25.03.2006
Queen and David Bowie...together vs. WHO? THat's all I have to say.
- Sarah, Toronto, Canada, 25.03.2006
I think the concept of ideas not forming in a vacuum would be more applicable to this situation if Vanilla Ice even bothered to have an idea and/or creation of his own in the first place. He didn't. He stole one. I would probably think it was different if he had been some dude making independent music and not some dude making shitloads of money on a major label contract--for music he didn't really write.

He shouldh've at least credited them.

If a college student steals something from a well-known source, puts it in a paper as their own idea, and turns it in--that's a violation of academic honesty and they can be removed from the class or the school. I don't really see how this is different.

And I don't think that directly stealing something from someone else and then pretending it's yours is right--whether it's physical property or intellectual property.

Studying Marx is not thinking outside the box. It's just thinking from within a different box about another theory that doesn't work in large-scale practice. If you want to think outside the box, you'll need to create your own box--a box that hasn't been drawn yet. That's up to you, not Marx.

- Heather, Minnesota, United States, 22.03.2006
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