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Under Pressure / Ice Ice Baby

Because of this blatant rip off of real musicians like Queen and David Bowie, Vanilla Ice will forever be a dead man to me. Anyone votes for Iceman, and your are either crazy, stoned, or just doing it out of spite, hopefully the latter.

- Alex, Miami, United States, 06.01.2006

Vanilla Ice


David Bowie/Queen

CD-Cover: Vanilla Ice - To The Extreme 17.9 % 82.1 % CD-Cover: David Bowie/Queen - Hot Space
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Vanilla Ice 4374 Votes David Bowie/Queen

Comments about Under Pressure / Ice Ice Baby:

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Who cares if Ice ripped off Queen/Bowie. Which songs and muscians were Queen and Bowie influenced by when they co-wrote the song? They must have based their melody on something - does this mean that they too are guilty of stealing?

Think about this - really think about it - we only have intellectual copyright for one reason: so someone can make lots of money from their so call 'original' ideas. Yet - ideas do not form in a vacuum - they are always based in part on someone else's previous ideas. It's like property rights - the only reason why people own property is so they can make money from it.

We're all such greedy bastards.

If you were to go back only 300 in history and went and lived in Australia, the Aboriginals didn't have property rights - they all shared the land together. It was the same with their songs and stories (they had no written language at this time), no one 'owned' them - they were owned by the whole community, used by the whole community, enjoyed by the whole community.

Think outside of the box! Go study Marx!
- cma, Whyalla, Australia, 19.03.2006
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