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The Man Who Sold the World

As a Nirvana Fan I have to vote here for the cover version. But I think the cover is not so much different. David Bowie just created a great and timeless song.
Anyway it's a pity that Nirvana couldn't bring more such great cover versions or new songs into being after their recording of the Unplugged Album. Kurt Cobain, rest in peace.

- Michael Müller, Hamburg, Germany, 18.09.2005



David Bowie

CD-Cover: Nirvana - Unplugged in New York 56.3 % 43.7 % CD-Cover: David Bowie - The Man Who Sold the World
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OK, Bowie wrote and performed this song when kurt cobain was 3 years old. The man who sold the world was a fantastic, ground breaking album for the time. A classic that gets better with age. Thank you Kurt Cobain for recognizing that and exposing an entire generation to Bowie's greatness. Unfortunately you went and joined that stupid club.
- Stike, Boston, United States, 07.03.2010
Didn't know Bowie sang this song. Lucky for us, Cobain rescued it from that nasty looking tranny.
- Rod, Chicago, United States, 20.02.2010
Well, if its a question of which song id rather listen to, id say Nirvanas. But thats just me, I enjoy Nirvana's style and the way they take the song.

But I have always believed that its more significant to create something rather then copy it. So Bowie gets credit for that. Its a timeless song. I understand how people can praise Nirvana for the performance, but Bowie is certainly not to be belittled.
- Evan Buckiewicz, Montreal, Canada, 11.10.2009
each song belongs to a time, for the most old guys glam rocks better than grunge and vice-versa, but for me both are great
- Flubberoso, Bogota, Other - South America, 16.09.2009
I see the usual group of fools are calling Kurts heroin voice "soulfull" Yeah, that doesn't work. This is a Bowie song, and as usual kurts voice didn't do it justice.
- Joe, San Francisco, United States, 14.09.2009
Nirvana's version is wayyyy better by far. He put way more soul and compassion in the way he sung it. And if you youtube the video, it's seems like he's not even putting any effort in it. Nirvana's version by far
- MarkieB89, Georgia, United States, 12.08.2009
Cobain got the wrong lyric. No comments.
- Bulkool, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 11.08.2009
I think david did a good job to sing this song but its curt cobain who made this song sacred.
- Ranjan, delhi, India, 13.07.2009
Боуи молодец но Нирвана есть есть нирвана.... Курт спел как надо!!!!
- БОР&#1, Тул&#1, Other, 21.06.2009
Edison may have invented the first electricity distribution, but Tesla made it better...just like nirvana did to this song.
- y2F5, Los Angeles, United States, 13.01.2009
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