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The Man Who Sold the World

As a Nirvana Fan I have to vote here for the cover version. But I think the cover is not so much different. David Bowie just created a great and timeless song.
Anyway it's a pity that Nirvana couldn't bring more such great cover versions or new songs into being after their recording of the Unplugged Album. Kurt Cobain, rest in peace.

- Michael Müller, Hamburg, Germany, 18.09.2005



David Bowie

CD-Cover: Nirvana - Unplugged in New York 56.3 % 43.7 % CD-Cover: David Bowie - The Man Who Sold the World
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Comments about The Man Who Sold the World:

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I like the Nirvana version but have to say that Bowie's is superior...
- Judith, Leiden, Netherlands, 24.11.2006
nirvana's unplugged is just boring, uninspired, badly sung and badly played.
- santi, redford, MI, United States, 13.07.2006
Nirvana sucks, Bowie shoulda sued them for ruining his song.
- Roger Floger, Seattle, United States, 19.05.2006
After Kurt's suicide David Bowie said that he was surprised that Nirvana would play such a sincier and straight up version of his song and would have liked to talk about the reasonsa that they played that song
- Robert, Melbourne, Australia, 16.04.2006
The original is 1) original 2) musically superior 3) emotionally lot more subtle. Who needs any other reason?
- Jablan, Belgrade, Serbia, 17.03.2006
Man Who Sold... by Nirvana : One of my ten all time songs.
Does anybody know if David was happy with Kurt's cover, or if he would agree to the quote that he "screwed it up" ? In a june 93 interview, Bowie was not very tender with Nirvana. Any change since than ?
- Fred, Paris, France, 20.02.2006
A brilliant interpretation. Brings tears to my eyes, you know Kurt is sing about himself.
- art, terhanna, Canada, 13.02.2006
I loved the Nirvana cover because, when Kurt Cobain played it, you could hear the song's connection and influence on his writing style. There is a lot of early Bowie in Kurt's first two albums.
- neujack, long beach, CA, United States, 04.02.2006
Who are Nirvana?
- david, hong kong, Hong Kong, 21.10.2005
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