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The Man Who Sold the World

As a Nirvana Fan I have to vote here for the cover version. But I think the cover is not so much different. David Bowie just created a great and timeless song.
Anyway it's a pity that Nirvana couldn't bring more such great cover versions or new songs into being after their recording of the Unplugged Album. Kurt Cobain, rest in peace.

- Michael Müller, Hamburg, Germany, 18.09.2005



David Bowie

CD-Cover: Nirvana - Unplugged in New York 56.3 % 43.7 % CD-Cover: David Bowie - The Man Who Sold the World
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Nirvana 3581 Votes David Bowie

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Nirvana are about the worst musicians who ever reached #1. Bowie all the way.
- Nick, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 23.07.2007
One only needs to listen to "Ashes to Ashes" to acknowledge that Bowie is absolute genius! If it werent for his musicianship, then Nirvana would have never gotten the oppurtunity to sing TMWSTW. I do like Cobain's vocals a little better in this cover, so some credit due there.
- NYC doc, New York, United States, 15.05.2007
What are the differences between them? ;-)

I prefer the Bowie's one.
- Luca, Milan, Italy, 16.04.2007
Bowie ;)
- Migle, Vilnius, Other - Europe, 05.04.2007
Bowie ;)
- Migle, Vilnius, Other - Europe, 05.04.2007
are these results a joke or merely representative of the fact that you need only have access to a keyboard/internet to make a fool of yourself? bowie is a god. nirvana who?
- thumphreys, chicago, United States, 25.03.2007
I love both versions, but, and I'll admit this is totally my age speaking, I heard the Nirvana version first, and it's the version that's stuck with me.
- Steve, Boston, United States, 30.01.2007
Nirvana's version has more gravity for me. I appreciate both versions... But as for those commenting on Nirvana's bad performance - firstly, you're comparing a live version and a studio version, and secondly, the main guitar lead and even the vocals are off-beat in Bowie's recording, and it doesn't sound like it was played loose intentionally. When the original is poorly executed and poorly produced (too many effects, vocals way too loud), how can they count as points against the cover?
- Goatboy, Scarborough, England, 27.01.2007
I like Lulu's version.
- Jonny Greenwood, Oxford, England, 15.01.2007
The original, by far. I really do despise Nirvana, and the fact they had to take such an amazing, timeless song and ruin it just makes me angry.
- Shana, Guilford, United States, 24.12.2006
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