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No Quarter

TOOLs reinvention of this decent at best Led Zeppelin tune is fantastic. Long, loud, and loaded with the the fantastic sounds you would expect from a band that only releases albulms every 4-6 years. TREMENDOUS!

-, LOS ANGELES, United States, 16.02.2006



Led Zeppelin

CD-Cover: Tool - Salival 98.4 % 1.6 % CD-Cover: Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy
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I discovered Tool's cover today, it's absolutely amazing, but nothing could ever be better than the original, it was so epic, so creative and innovative ! Imagine such a song in 1973, with such a sound, such a perfection in keyboards and arrangements ! Tool's version is obviously great, very smart and faithful, with a pachydermic dimension that fits perfectly with the song, but i do prefer the original, whatever good the cover is.
Moreover, Led zeppelin took another dimensions in live ;-)
- lMaxime, Nice, France, 08.12.2009
I grew up with Zeppelin, just recently started blasting it again. No Quarter is one of my favorite songs by Zep.
I just now heard the Tool version for the first time, and ended up on this site looking for which CD has this is on. I think I could loop this with the original and not be disappointed which one was playing, or back to back. They covered more Zep? Which Tool CD should I buy to check them out?
- Marcus, Redondo Beach, United States, 03.11.2009
We all claim that a master piece of art better not be touched... in art you can not re-create one of the best piece by one of the greatest... however Tool has proved this all wrong. Not just they have re -created No Quarter, they have painted it into their own color. A dark and a peculiar color. I always used to envy my father's generation to had Floyd and Led Zeppelin in their times... but I am proud to live in time when Tool is producing their music.
Tool is heading to for a place where very few has ever dared to go... and only Zeppelin and Floyd had reached.
- Tahir Hashmi, Islamabad, Pakistan, 18.10.2009
I think these songs are both truly amazing in their own ways. Im not even going to state my opinion on whos is better because I believe that there is no true winner in this pointless debate. They are both great songs different only by the shift of time between them.
- Neil Hays, McCook, United States, 13.10.2009
I spent my high school years diving into the depth of led's no quarter and was amazed at how this song,like so many other led hits,never seemed to loose its force of impression over time.
I then spent college listening to tool's cover of no quarter which i felt was really good but maybe just shy of creating the same force that led generates.
I respect both bands immensely and never thought that there would be another band that could let alone match, but come close to the level of depth and thought initiation that led achieved.For a long time i thought that our generation had missed out on the rock n roll ride but its thanks to bands like tool that still hold the flame high that the diminishing community of quality rock in these times of droughtis still strongly trudging forward.
HAIL TOOL!!! but the very fact that tool has covered many led songs(when the levee breaks by apc etc) shows that led zeppelin will always be that fraction of an inch ahead,if not much more.May the music of both bands live forever.
- Mayur, Bangalore, India, 04.09.2009
this is stupid, live no quarter was 10x better than albem version, and 400000x beter than tool's
- Robert f, Hickassnowhere, United States, 06.05.2009
oops, "they're timeless." sorry for some of the gramatical errors...hopefully you understand the essence...the answers to life are always inside of you.
- doug, indy, United States, 24.03.2009
hey, what's up people.

i've listened to tool's rendition of "no quarter." led's version on "the song remains the same" live cd has so many complexities to it it's heartstopping...yet simple and easy to understand.

the difference is essence...soul...meaning...! anyone can play the notes, not everyone can make music. no one is better than led zeppelin as a group and what they entail at the spiritual or soul level. there is chemistry to the band like no other.

led is truly an orchestral band that blends together what no other band does. it is spiritual and soulful...essence. some bands just sing, but with led, you close your eyes and just believe. they create so many visions to so many people and that's the beauty of led.

you are able to just sit in the dark and listen as your soul starts to have a conversation with your ego...which is the real battle in life...and get an understanding of the depth of zep's lyrics and mysticism.

they slow everthing down because they can...whereas most people go faster because they have to...once again essence is everything...unfortunately most people are walking around unaware and have no clue about their soul or spirit because they are constantly asleep.

they are so out of touch with their heart and soul that anything that makes noise is now "the new music." if you listen to led and read their lyrics, you'll understand that it goes deeper into one's self than the surface and that's what makes them even more popular today than ever...their timeless!

the beauty of that is led brings it into the being and most people who try to imitate only hit the exterior...once again soul...essence and spirit.

you can't substitute feeling and emotion with theatrics. is it any wonder why so many bands try to make led so complex in their music when it's so simple...and that is the complexity of zeppelin.

people are so out of touch with themselves that they have to make it something that it isn't in order to keep their lies alive.

if you haven't looked into your soul or examined the simplicity of life you won't understand. people, wake the hell up and find you soul and essence. led will help on so many levels.

substance always wins out over style.
- doug, indy, United States, 24.03.2009
They're both fantastic.

Tool took enough artistic freedom (while not TOO much, which is always bad) and made No Quarter their own. Their style.

Which happens to be very different from Led Zeppelin's.
- Hayley, Alderson, United States, 07.02.2009
They're both fantastic.

Tool took enough artistic freedom (while not TOO much, which is always bad) and made No Quarter their own. Their style.

Which happens to be very different from Led Zeppelin's.
- Hayley, Alderson, United States, 07.02.2009
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