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No Quarter

TOOLs reinvention of this decent at best Led Zeppelin tune is fantastic. Long, loud, and loaded with the the fantastic sounds you would expect from a band that only releases albulms every 4-6 years. TREMENDOUS!

-, LOS ANGELES, United States, 16.02.2006



Led Zeppelin

CD-Cover: Tool - Salival 98.4 % 1.6 % CD-Cover: Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy
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<i>"if all the members of both bands met, it would be with open arms. and then they would see all you people here taking sides and be disgusted. these bands are the best of diffrent times. this isnt nigger rap, stop fighting over whos a better mc or someone is gonna get shot foo"</i>

I'll bet most of the members of both bands would be disgusted by your blatant racism.

Apropos to the song itself, I won't pretend to be bias-free, as I have been a big fan of Tool's music since 1996 or so, but I actually heard Tool's version first and honestly expected the original to be at least as good, if not better. Why? Just because I like Tool, APC, etc. doesn't mean I suck Maynard's dick and automatically say "of course anything they touch is gold, they're gods" because that's retarded; I like many of the songs on <i>Emotive</i>, but I still like John Lennon's "Imagine" far better than APC's. Just 'cause Tool covered it doesn't mean its going to be 1,000 x better.

That saying, I heard Led Zeppelin's verion after and was honestly dissapointed: in my opinion it is no where near as deep, moving, emotional or expressive as I find Tool's version. I don't even think it has anything to do with any sort of bias, though (I don't happen to find Zep's music as profound or as enjoyable as Tool's). If you want to talk technical skill, though, that's a different arena altogether and I won't make any value judgements or comparisons in that respect at any rate, but shit, isn't musical appreciation mostly subjective anyway?
- Andres, Tucson, United States, 28.01.2009
Aren't both bands great? Listen to both. I think both fit different moods. In other words, I'd never put the two on the same playlist but they'd definitely be toward the top on two separate playlists.

After all, it really is just music and they are just musicians. It's sad to think that musicians are the voice of our time.
- Daniel, Tucson, United States, 29.08.2008
There is no point in debating which version is better. You think Tool chose to cover this song because they wanted to one up Led Zeppelin? Tool is not really a band that like to deviate from their own creativity. The fact that this song was covered shows the monumental level of respect that Tool has for Zeppelin. Looking at the phenomenal music that both of these bands have created, it is easy to see that they are not interested in petty competition.
- Matt, Norman, United States, 25.08.2008
"I would hardly consider TOOL a 3 year old. They have been making extrodinary music since '92... Last time I check that is 15 years and still going strong. Last time I checked (a few minutes ago) LZ lasted about 13 years. Sure they may have put out a few more albums"

Last time i checked tool's leading drummer, who also would be a revolutionary drummer at that, didnt die, if that wouldnt have to to zeppelin then they woulda lasted a lot longer than 13 years also tools version lacks the voice. plants voice in the song was just as important as the guitar in the song, the wierd effects they put in thier version ruins it
- alex mcgovern, mount vernon, United States, 25.08.2008
Christ...what a terrific bunch of bloated egos in here. Naturally, this is the only kind of place where they have the grapes to have a bloated ego. Tools re-imagination is an excellent piece of music, and it was an excellent piece of music to work with from the start. I enjoy the Tool version more than the Zep version. The Zep version is roomier and aethereal (and written to be so), whereas I prefer the fullness of the soundscape in Tool's version.

Some people like olives, whereas I can't stand them. Still, I don't go around calling olive munchers faggots, dickheads or the like. If you insist on clinging to that archaic tribal mentality, go start a camp in some desert where no-one can infringe upon your self-affirmed orthodoxy.
- Soman, Oslo, Norway, 24.08.2008
Tool did a very good job, but we're talking about Led Zeppelin. Call me a fanboy, but Robert's a better singer than Maynyard, Pagey's a better guitar player than Jones, JPJ is the best musician in either band, and Bonham, Carrey is a very good drummer, but Bonham's the greatest drummer of all time. How can you say that Tool's is better? I understand they changed the lyrics up, but Led Zeppelin came up with the idea, and the music. Guys, it's Led Fucking Zeppelin. Possibly the greatest rock band of all time.

I also think it's funny that the Tool fans that have commented have accused Led Zeppelin fans of being ridiculous here. And we are being ridiculous because we won't agree that Tool is better than Led Zeppelin. Who's really being ridiculous here?
- Chris B, Philadelphia, United States, 17.08.2008
This is not something anyone can say they are completely unbiased about. Music is driven by personal taste. I've been listening to Tool and Led Zeppelin for years, and though both songs are awesome, the Zeppelin original does not move me as the Tool version does. Music is an emotional experience, another person can't say that one song is better than the other and everyone has to accept it. It is a deeply personal thing. What I do notice however is that some fans of Zeppelin only like Zeppelin because it is Zeppelin. Sure they are historically very important, and they wrote some amazing songs, but no Zeppelin song has ever moved me the way Tool constantly moves me. This does not mean that I am right, nor does it mean Zeppelin fans are right. People seem to forget what loving music is all about, accept fans of Britney Spears - they really suck.
- Steph Cloete, Parys, South Africa, 12.08.2008
All I can say is: WOW !!!! Tool got it !
- Sidney, Melbourne, United States, 25.07.2008

I would hardly consider TOOL a 3 year old. They have been making extrodinary music since '92... Last time I check that is 15 years and still going strong. Last time I checked (a few minutes ago) LZ lasted about 13 years. Sure they may have put out a few more albums but they did not forge them the way tha TOOL has IMHO.
- Tre, Not from LA, United States, 03.07.2008
I'm a Tool and a long time Led Zeppelin fan (since the early 90s). I must admit that Tool bring the songs 10 folds better and, much more heavier than the original.

I'm waiting for Tool to do a Pink Floyd, and I wish they do a remake of Sheep or One of These Days. I hope...
- Jon, Marikina, Philippines, Other, 28.06.2008
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