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No Quarter

TOOLs reinvention of this decent at best Led Zeppelin tune is fantastic. Long, loud, and loaded with the the fantastic sounds you would expect from a band that only releases albulms every 4-6 years. TREMENDOUS!

-, LOS ANGELES, United States, 16.02.2006



Led Zeppelin

CD-Cover: Tool - Salival 98.4 % 1.6 % CD-Cover: Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy
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Comments about No Quarter:

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both are good and comparing Tool or Led Zeppelin to Korn is both insulting and shows a clear ignorance on the bands.
Dont get stuck in the past Father Detroit
- Charles, Montreal, Canada, 11.12.2006
Both songs are great...i have always liked the Zeppelin no quarter, but i was very pleased when i heard the Tool brain damage here
- Blumpkin, Massachusetts, United States, 28.10.2006
anyone that chooses the tool version HAS BRAIN DAMAGE
- sam, eat me, Canada, 29.09.2006
are you smoking crack? no quarter is not just a "decent at best" led zeppelin tune. go listen to your new korn cd, i hear they did an awful version of "word up"
- your father, detroit, United States, 07.09.2006
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