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No Quarter

TOOLs reinvention of this decent at best Led Zeppelin tune is fantastic. Long, loud, and loaded with the the fantastic sounds you would expect from a band that only releases albulms every 4-6 years. TREMENDOUS!

-, LOS ANGELES, United States, 16.02.2006



Led Zeppelin

CD-Cover: Tool - Salival 98.4 % 1.6 % CD-Cover: Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy
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I love the job that Tool did with this song. If you have ever heard any Led Zeppelin bootlegs on which they performed this tune(particularly 'Listen To This Eddie')show from 1977, then this discussion is over. Led Zeppelin took this song(and many others)in concert to such levels of intensity, it was clear why many consider them rock's greatest band.
- bobby, Shreveport, United States, 05.07.2007

- ROCKER, TUCSON, United States, 03.07.2007
Tool's cover is brilliant,they didn't try to sound like Led Zep,D.Carey isn't Bonham,A.Jones isn't Page but it's the best tribute to Led Zep.
I wish Tool was popular in my country.
- Christophe, Paris, France, 29.06.2007
First off,I would like to say up yours Luke Tariq,you little scrotum sucker. Secondly,the members of tool dont deserve a capital T nor are they worthy of being ass raped by Jimmy Page's guitar.
- Anonymous Zep Fan, Toronto, Canada, 16.06.2007
Yeah Jesse Dale calm down, you're being compltely ignorant and just giving everyone this picture of you as an unintelligent,fouled mouthed wanker.
I love Tool and Zeppelin,both my favourite bands like! You know you obviously hats off to Zeppelin for writing the masterpiece and all that wouldnt be the same without them yadda yadda yadda we've been praising them for thirty odd years now.The tool cover is amazing,all amazing musicians and artists and you have to admit,when maynard sings the "Off to a place where no-one....GOOOOOOOOOOOOES!!!" it's hauntingly chillungly brilliant and amazing.I voted the tool version mainly for it's technical production and mixing because it's just masterclass. Love it!
- Luke Tariq, Longford, Ireland, 14.06.2007
Justin you texan asshole please kill yourself fact is zeppelin has a better drummer a better singer a better bass player and the greatest guitar player who ever lived they have better songs and have done the best and in every competition they were in won or got 2nd they are widely considered the best and most successful band ever and are the basic reason ( combined with AC DC ) for metal assholes like tool who the fuck is tool they have done nothing and will never do anything they are assholes who will fold in I'd say a week today led zeppelin has the 4th most records in the history of music and would be far ahead at the top of the list if the second best drummer didn't die in 1980 sept 25, bands bigger than tool have lost their entire musical career forever for doing a bad cover of stairway to heaven so try that onr tool try it please!!!!!!!!!!! mgfyioqIAWERYUHNHJUASF THAT was me breaking my keyboard in frustration at crappy music please send me 1 dollar each to fix my keyboard loser tool fans.
- Jesse Dale, Toronto, Canada, 12.06.2007
just take the song as it is. A tribute to rock icons who helped pave the way to make rock and yes even metal what it is today. Tool covered the song well and didn't butcher it. I take my hat off to danny carey for nailing the drums. Bonzo has been an inspiration to many drummers today.
- bonzofanatic, monessen, United States, 08.06.2007
I like Led Zeppelin's version much more. I didn't like how Tool slowed the song down, and I dislike their vocals for this song :(

It just has a more classic feel to it.
- Scorpion, c-town, United States, 19.04.2007
keepingitreal has a point on that the members of zeppelin are more legendary than anything. All of these people are great musicians. Tool has a sound that is unique, as does every band. Someday I hope to play "Third Eye" or "Lateralus" on special occasions and 20 years from now we will have the same argument.
- Benplaysmusic, st. paul, United States, 10.04.2007
originals always win.......see the creators..words and music by plant page bonham & paul jones......copy by Tool......nooo contest......tool's is good mind......! but who wrote it......end of story !!! xx
- daveybabe, brentwood, England, 23.03.2007
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