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No Quarter

TOOLs reinvention of this decent at best Led Zeppelin tune is fantastic. Long, loud, and loaded with the the fantastic sounds you would expect from a band that only releases albulms every 4-6 years. TREMENDOUS!

-, LOS ANGELES, United States, 16.02.2006



Led Zeppelin

CD-Cover: Tool - Salival 98.4 % 1.6 % CD-Cover: Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy
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Read the comparison folks, 1973 vs a 2000 redo? Don't get me wrong tool is awesome and i love there music absolute. However, it is a redo of a song made nearly thirty years before tool retried. If zeppelin had the know how and didn't have to pioneer the song, then tool looses. Tough call but zeppelin is number one tool comes a close second
- JTB, Tyler, United States, 02.03.2011
Good Stuff!
Typically the original (song, movie, image) is superior to subsequent copies, covers and knock offs but not always.
Sometimes an artist is inspired by a work and creates something that actually enhances, improves and surpasses the original. My personal favorite example is Hendrix' cover of All Along the Watchtower. Even Mr. Zimmerman has said he thinks of it as Jimi's song.
Not a huge fan of Tool but they do a good job with a tune that IMHO is not one of Zeppelin's greatest.
Do they make it their own?
- Joe Drake, E. Overshoe, United States, 27.01.2011
I love both versions, but ']['{[]}{[]}[[_'s takes the cake for me. Maynard is a better vocalist than RP, and their version sounds much creepier. I think tool couldve changed it a bit more, but it still rocks. I don't know why tool doesn't get the same recognition as led zep. Tool are innovators, philosophers and awesome musicians.
- VORSEY, Rochester, United States, 25.12.2010
Tool's version is pretty rocking but as been said, LZ owns it. I listened to the Tool version a few times and it really hits a great note with me even though it is not quite as good, in my opinion as Led Zeppelin.
- Mongo, Norman, OK, United States, 21.11.2010
I think Tool was onto something by keeping the tune the same and just changing the lyrics slightly. I think they were trying to show some sort of message in the lyrics, and why remix such a great song? It was a good idea and it sounded great but Led Zeppelin's was better. Here is why. One: theirs is the original. Two: the lyrics have more meaning. Three: there are more instruments. I hated when John Paul Jone's piano solo was replaced with another guitar solo in Tool. The guitar sounded great but it just wasn't the same. Four: any other reason people can think of. I love Tool but No Quarter isn't their song.
Also on a side note, it's really bad when people listen to the Tool version without actually knowing it's a Zeppelin song and thinking that Tool wrote it. But I guess this is the case with a lot of songs.
- Sarah Vanderzyden, Hudson Falls, United States, 16.10.2010
Led Zep takes the cake man. Tool's version is nice and they add somewhat of a different interesting take, but they don't really go anywhere with it. Maynard matches Plant's intensity, but none of the instrumental offerings or textures are really on par. They should have done something much different with the tune. I wasn't expecting the Rhodes-through-phaser type clone intro sound that Tool did and they started off on the wrong foot but trying to match the original too closely. Zep got it right and here's how: Beautiful Rhodes and Grand Piano work, funky drums with tasteful pst-psts in the middle section, fantastic guitar solo, and of course the haunting vocal delivery. Plus these guys wrote the song. Tool did a nice fan tribute though!
- Arch, Kalamazoo, United States, 13.08.2010
Tool did it best, but Led Zeppelin created the song and that makes them on top. I think both versions has its own aura/feeling to it.
- Wilthil, Sunhillriver, Norway, 12.08.2010
Led Zeppelin did it best. they own it
- yeah, no, United States, 09.08.2010
I love that Tool did this song. They do a great version of one of my fave Zeppelin songs ever. If I gotta pick one though, the live version on The Song Remains The Same is the one that does it for me.
- Jadam, Los Angeles, United States, 23.06.2010
This song is pretty cool when it's done by either band, but the Tool version, in my humble opinion, is a lot better than the Zeppelin version. I just love how dark and ominous Tool's version sounds. Again, just my opinion. Also, Maynard's voice is leaps and bounds better than Plant's. I love the "locked in a place where no one goes" bits.
Badass song.
- No_Name, Waynesville, United States, 23.06.2010
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