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Land Of Confusion

With "Land Of Confusion" Disturbed have found the right song for a cover. More power, more rock - better than the original.

- Tamara, Duisburg, Deutschland, 12.01.2006




CD-Cover: Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists 58.5 % 41.5 % CD-Cover: Genesis - Invisible Touch
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Comments about Land Of Confusion:

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Utter garbage. I love how people badbouth the 80's... yet they can't come up with anything new. This is the end of a creative era for artists all over the world. Instead of smoking a doob and watching porn, try writing a song for once instead of leeching off others' work. Disturbed is a second rate talentless dreg. Nobody will care where they are in 10 years.
- Justin, Reading, PA, United States, 05.09.2006
The song should have been left alone, some things just are better as original. Just the same old problem, groups have run out of their own ideas and find it easy to remake another groups songs. Problem is the younger people that don't listen much to the older songs and then think this is new and cool when many of us already been there and done that.
- Dale, Athabasca, Canada, 24.08.2006

This is the link for the remix.
- Ian, Montreal, Canada, 25.07.2006
I did a remix of it, by fusioning the Disturbed & Genesis versions altogether with Sony Vegas. The title is called Land Of 20Fusion, which means the original was done 20 years ago, and the cover version is now.
- Ian G. Ilagan, Montreal, Canada, 25.07.2006
I really enjoy the metal edge that Disturbed branded on the song, though I do have a deep appreciation for the Genesis original. Disturbed brings out the serious and political side in their animated video, though I always got a kic out of the Genesis puppets too. Haha. Both stand on equal ground for me.
- Joe, Halifax, Canada, 22.07.2006
I personally like both versions. While I definitely like the sound of metal better, I think that both versions are necessary to the time period at which they were each made. The Land of Confusion is meant to be a political statement and is just as necessary now as it was when Reagan was president!
- Kasandra, Southington, United States, 21.07.2006
This is the Tiger Woods of all Disturbed music. It kind of goes back to the 80's, so it is reminisent of whats-his-faces drop kick (you know, the dude from the Pats). It is the main reason i bought Ten Thousand Fists.
- Alex Roeller, Stillwater, MN, United States, 17.07.2006
Genesis and disturbed both did a good job at singing "Land Of Confucion", but they dont come anywhere as close to singing it as good as IN FLAMES!!
- Clint, Staten Island, United States, 13.07.2006
Being a man growing up in the 70's and 80' Phil really hit home with me on a few songs. One of them being land of confusion during the regan administration.Yes I agree, Disturbed took it and made it better. But I'm glad there true to keeping the melody and message that made the original such a phenominal hit!
- Todd, Rockford, United States, 09.07.2006
I really don't think I have ever defended Phil Collins in my life. Really, the homogenized drek he put out in the 80's made me glad the decade ended and would never return. Or so I thought. I turned on commercial radio (the only place to never hear anything ground breaking or different) and I sat in my car listening to this "neu" metal re-interpretation of a song I only liked because it had a video with puppets in it ("Spitting Image"). Ever since Limp Biscuit covered George Michaels "Faith" because, as the ever prescient Fred Durst put it "This is so cheesey, we gotta cover it" - I find myself wondering, could they possibly like this song, or are they just having fun with it? This song is bad. Genesis tortured us enough in the 80's with their music, and now we have the middle of the road metal groups putting out covers of middle of the road top 40 covers from a different time. Please bands, stop listening to classic rock radio and commercial radio if your searching for that cover song filler for your crappy album. There are so many worthy singer/songwriters out there with better music than you can ever write, just cover one of your songs and you can do the interviews like you wrote something worth while.
- Tyler, Atlanta, United States, 01.07.2006
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