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Land Of Confusion

With "Land Of Confusion" Disturbed have found the right song for a cover. More power, more rock - better than the original.

- Tamara, Duisburg, Deutschland, 12.01.2006




CD-Cover: Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists 58.5 % 41.5 % CD-Cover: Genesis - Invisible Touch
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I think the song was writen for the situation at the time , disturbed got a good mesage out but its not as powerful as the cuban missle crisis original. then we where in fear of nuclear war. anyway its china will be the powerful ones in the future, when oil runs out they will start to invade other countries... by then they will be way richer than the US, the UK will simply have no power, Brazil,russia,india,china will be in the next G7. i think japan and the US will stay there

- Silvie, Barrow, England, 26.02.2009
i think the genesis one is the best , disturbed is good but i think original is brilliant
- Silvie, Barrow, England, 26.02.2009
disturbed sang it the way u think it should be sang
- colours, brisbane, Australia, 11.02.2009
In Flames does the best cover of this song
- bob a, chicago, United States, 05.02.2009
i think if one band or person makes a song it should be thiers not changed or done over it gets ruined and is no longer pure
- belinda, peru, United States, 20.01.2009
"Genesis and In Flames versions are the best.Disturbed is like one of the worst band ever...

- Gilles, METZ, France, 22.01.2008"

Finally a real fucking person... I totally agree with you man. Disturbed is such a horrible band, I dont care what others think but personally? fuck all you metros who listen to disturbed.
- Matt, Hamilton, New Zealand, 19.12.2008
XD completly. Much heaver
- XD Fan, alanta, United States, 17.10.2008
Ok this voting thing is just stupid. Disturbed and Genesis are 2 different bands with 2 totally different styles. Genesis did a very good song for their time and for their kind of music. Disturbed did as well. I personally like Disturbed better because I prefer hard rock and Genesis is rock-and-roll. Either way, both bands got their message out and I respect them both.

- Christine, Miamisburg, United States, 13.09.2008
With all due respect...

While I agree that the Disturbed version of this song is better (somewhat) both musically, and engineering wise, the bottom line is that this was, and still is, a GREAT song that was written and recorded by Genesis in the 1980s.

Give credit where credit is due. Disturbed did a fantastic tribute to Genesis, but it is just that: a tribute, and Genesis deserves all the credit for writing and recording this song.

At the time this song came out (when I was 16), America was still fighting the cold war, we were fighting a war against Lybia and against Islamic extremists, and millions of people around the globe were genuinely frightened by the very real possibility of total nuclear annihilation at the hands of the world's two superpowers - and a bunch of idiots at the top. Ronald Reagan had his finger on the nuclear button and this was a genuine concern to Americans, and the original Genesis video shows all of this. The original Genesis video makes everyone out to be a bunch of buffoonish cartoon-like characters going on with our petty business of trying to do what we do while the song lyrics talk about the sad state of the world. Go back and read the lyrics and watch the Genesis video. It may not have exactly the same meaning now as it did for my generation, but if you want to know why "Disturbed" covered this song, you have to go back and see what Genesis did. Disturbed covered this song because it was one of the best rock songs of all time.

"Land of Confusion" was a great song in the 1980s and it still holds a ton of meaning for an entirely new generation that may or may not know where the song originally came from - or more importantly WHY it came out. However, after hearing the Disturbed version of Land of Confusion I am totally psyched about Disturbed taking on this song.

Not much has changed about the craziness of this world since 1986 and I have to tip my hat to both Genesis and Disturbed.

It won't be the politicians who save this world. It will be the artists, musicians and comedians.

God bless!
- Louis, Seattle, United States, 15.08.2008
Disturbed has redone this song for a new generation. Naturally those of us who remember the original from our childhoods is going to feel a bit squirmy that some other band has picked it up and redone it. However, I feel they've paid it a great tribute by bringing this song back to the forefront of today's music. It's not quite the same, lyrics changed a bit and the sound is grittier, much like our political situation is now. But just as this song was relevent back in the 80s, it's still relevent today in the next century.
- Chris, Kansas City, United States, 28.07.2008
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