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Land Of Confusion

With "Land Of Confusion" Disturbed have found the right song for a cover. More power, more rock - better than the original.

- Tamara, Duisburg, Deutschland, 12.01.2006




CD-Cover: Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists 58.5 % 41.5 % CD-Cover: Genesis - Invisible Touch
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Disturbed 6621 Votes Genesis

Comments about Land Of Confusion:

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I grew up with the songs that Genesis did. The Land Of Confusion is perfect the way Genesis did it. Disturbed is a little to hard rock on the way I like it.
- Tim McCarty, Redlands, United States, 08.11.2007
Genesis vs Disturbed, genesis wins it hands down the original is way better then the cover
- Brentan, Mackay, Australia, 04.11.2007
Disturbed found "more power"? Nope. Contrapuntal is one element of power, that newer version don't have at all. It's so FLAT and bo-ooring. Genesis gets my credit.
- Disturbed Really, Hellsinki, Finland, 18.10.2007
"The sincerest form of flattery is imitation.- Author Unknown. This cover is 1. Disturbed's way of giving respect to Genesis. I think Disturbed's fans should follow suit.[give respect to the guys that wrote the song!] 2. Genesis did a great job with this song. In my opinion, Disturbed took it up a notch and really brought out the true potential. 3. This song was true then , and is true now. People & politics haven't changed. Sad, but true.
- Les, Chicago, United States, 04.10.2007
i havn't heard the other version and i think that disturbed r da bomb so i vote DISTURBED !!!!! >:þ (little smiley face is 0254 hold alt while pressing them numbers.)
- mtichel, clifton, Australia, 04.09.2007
I'm the second person from England to type on here and i disagree with him -_-. Well he disagrees with me, in a way.
- Aidan Bentley, Manchester, England, 06.07.2007
bob denver, denver, bob, United States, 12.03.2007

I pity you. Your way of thinking is, quite frankly a load of crap! *sigh* This is just what the songs message is fighting against people like you. Anyway, I think it is a brilliant song both entertaining and energetic. Most, infact everyone I know who has listened to the song has proved it to be good and better than the Genesis version. Apart from my parents who like it slower. One of my friends thinks the In Flames version is better. Now when people don't like heavy Metal and don't like the disturbed version for that reason. I can understand but the In Flames version goes too far! Anyway, I'm a great fan of disturbed and hope people can consider the effect and entertainment their songs can bring. P.S. Disturbed rule! *does a rock hand gesture*
- Aidan Bentley, Manchester, England, 06.07.2007
Hey stop saying fuck you fuckers!
- Fucking McFuckalot, Fuckville, United States, 18.06.2007
The In Flames version is the best! Nice and speedy!
- Jim, Naaldwijk, Netherlands, 06.06.2007
i didnt know that the disturbed version was a cover. i actually just barely heard the original version yesterday. they are both really really good. but i vote for the cover because its more modern and hard rock-like. thats what covers are meant to be. better and more modern.
- kevin, san bernardino, california, United States, 27.05.2007
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