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Land Of Confusion

With "Land Of Confusion" Disturbed have found the right song for a cover. More power, more rock - better than the original.

- Tamara, Duisburg, Deutschland, 12.01.2006




CD-Cover: Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists 58.5 % 41.5 % CD-Cover: Genesis - Invisible Touch
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Disturbed 6621 Votes Genesis

Comments about Land Of Confusion:

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The Disturbed version is OK. What they've done is remove one of the layers (the keys), and and in doing so simplified it. Quite frankly IMO, Genesis' sound is all about layers and atmospheres, and that's quite simply why it's better. It's not bad though, just not as good as the original.
- grumpydude, Brisbane, Australia, 24.05.2008
I have listned to both versions and I have seen both
music videos, and I have to vote for disturbed, it's not that Genesis didn't sing it's just, disturbed put a sharper edge on it!
- Jonny, Aliso Viejo, United States, 14.04.2008
they are both awesome versions!
its good to have some diversity in songs and still know the lyrics well enough to sign along
listen to 'imagine' by a perfect circle as they covered john lennon..and you'll see what i mean
- SKPV, alfonse!, United States, 22.03.2008
I don't think Disturbed did enough with this. It's just the same song, but louder.
- Brett, Brooklyn, United States, 11.03.2008
The bullshit people say on here.

XD I am right. To be honest.
- Aidan Bentley, Manchester, England, 23.01.2008
Genesis and In Flames versions are the best.Disturbed is like one of the worst band ever...
- Gilles, METZ, France, 22.01.2008
No Disturbeds version is definitely not the preferable version to rock fans just to disturbed rock fans. I find it appalling disturbed is actually winning th
- Breagan, Chester, United States, 18.01.2008
Okay don't get me wrong I love disturbed heck I love metal Metallica,Disturbed,Iron Maiden,Black Sabbath,Dio,Rob Zombie and many more. But the Genesis version is so good it is about the message not the rock and if you really listen to each you will understand.
- Travis, Ottawa, Canada, 16.01.2008
How os Disturbed too heavy? That is retarded. In Flames are too heavy and their version is crap. So don't compare In Flmaes to Disturbed. In all seriousness, Disturbed's version is the winner for people who like rock. I mean come one there's a guitar in Disturbed's version and Disturbed don't go too far, unlike In Flames.
- Aidan Bentley, Manchester, England, 24.11.2007
Disturbed's version of "land of confusion" does not have a very nice flow about it and kind of gets tiring after a minute
or 2 unlike the original version which is not all about the
message but also the sound that it is wrapped in
Hint:Compare them (even flames version)with a good set of earbuds lay back relax see-hear difference Genesis=Quality
- Dave, Chesapeake, United States, 11.11.2007
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