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Land Of Confusion

With "Land Of Confusion" Disturbed have found the right song for a cover. More power, more rock - better than the original.

- Tamara, Duisburg, Deutschland, 12.01.2006




CD-Cover: Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists 58.5 % 41.5 % CD-Cover: Genesis - Invisible Touch
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Comments about Land Of Confusion:

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Its good to listen to a track that has been covered, keeping the melody of the original, puting a personal slant on it and making it work. I think its a close call between them, Disturbed just bringing it up to date.
- Brad, Christchurch, New Zealand, 14.05.2007
how the fuck can you all say the genesis version is better? jesus, both are supposed to give a different message to their generation. That's why genesis's version is more peaceful than disturbed's. there wasnt a lot of turmoil and such, but in disturbed's, they are saying that we shouldn't let facism and ruthless governing rule our lives to become. so, they're both good, in different ways.
- John, Dayton, Ohio, United States, 10.05.2007
Disturbed motherfuckin rules!!
- Star, Gadsden, United States, 29.04.2007
its the best song i ever heard. Did you know that there is another cover of this song by in-flames but that isn´t so good like the version of Disturbed.
- Daniel, Wels, Austria, 28.03.2007
Here in Norway tho old father likes the original and the son likes as predictable the cover version. Strange isn't it?

- Gudbrand, LUNNER, Norway, 15.03.2007
This isn't that good of a song either way... but I'm so tired of the now cliche techniques of 'huh huh huh... let's take a song that's not supposed to be a metal song and turn it into one! huh huh huh' Stupid and predictable. The original all the way, ONLY cuz it's not stupid and predictable.
- bob denver, denver, bob, United States, 12.03.2007
this is the coolest song in the world. it just dont get old. those who hates it you suck big fucking dick.
- icedrake269, oglesby, United States, 19.02.2007
nope jsut kidding
- Outback Jack, Sydney, Australia, 14.02.2007
Ya i agree with u nicola. i think guns r cool. i shot a guy once actually twice, well maybe 9 times but i didnt mean to he just laughed at me for tripping over a cord at a carnival, and i shot him.
- Outback Jack, Sydney, Australia, 14.02.2007
Has anyone noticed the lyrics "My generation will put it right"

Well the next generation is here and it is not better, it is worse, 20 years on...
- Nicola, Auckland, New Zealand, 12.02.2007
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